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Unified Arts
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Subjects Taught
Computer Graphics, Digital Media and Movie Making (DM3), Television Production I, Television Production II


MS- Educational Leadership: Central Connecticut State University 2009

BS- History: Central Connecticut State University 2008

High School Diploma: Terryville High School 2002


In 2010 I was hired by Terryville High School to teach Social Studies. Then in 2012 I made the switch to the Unified Arts department where I teach the TV Production, Digitial Media and Moving Making and Computer Graphics classes.


I'm excited to help you move forward in your development as a socially responsible, mature and wonderful adult!

Be respectful at all times (including online)
-Curse words and put-downs will not be tolerated. Virtual inappropriateness will result in very real consequences.
Be responsible at all times
-Take ownership of everything you do. Feel proud of your good and learn from your bad.
Have pride in your work
-Every job is a self-portrait of the person that did it. Make sure your portrait is something you want to look at!
Be an active listener
-Eye contact and an interested look will take you very far in life.
Be an active participant in the classroom community and school community!